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Artificial Grass Cleaning

Whilst artificial grass is much easier to maintain than natural grass, in order to keep your lawn and artificial grass areas looking natural and beautiful, it will need some regular maintainance. This should include:

  • The collection and removal of leaves, debris and other waste matter
  • Removal of weeds and moss
  • Sanitisation, especially where grass is used by children, pets and animals
  • Rejuvination of lawn pile to reduce compaction and enhance appearance

Our fully-trained and DBS Approved technicians will be happy to take care of all these essential tasks for you.

We can provide annual, bi-annual, or quarterly maintenance visits, or perhaps a “one off” treatment if you have a special occasion coming up and you want your artificial lawn to look its best!

Introducing – Our ‘Lawn Valet’ all-purpose maintenance service

Stage 1

Collect and remove all debris from your artificial lawn, including stones, leaves, dirt, pet hair and so on

Stage 2

Apply a premium quality organic weedkiller where necessary, especially around the perimeter edges, as well as to individually-targeted weeds

Stage 3

Sanitise and shampoo the whole lawn area, leaving your lawn with a pleasant fragrance of freshly-cut grass

Stage 4

Using a high-powered brush, revitalise the lawn pile, raising flattened or compacted areas and leaving your grass clean, sanitised and looking at its best!

All-purpose maintenance service cost, per service visit

Garden size 0 – 50 Sq-Metres: £150

Garden size 50 – 100 Sq-Metres: £200

Garden size 100 – 150 Sq-Metres: £250

Garden size 150 – 250 Sq-Metres: £300

More than 300 Sq-Metres: £1-20 per Sq-Metre

We offer a 10% discount for bi-annual or quarterly services

We cover most of East Sussex and West Sussex and provide all customers with an efficient, friendly and reliable service as standard!

For more information, please contact us by using the enquiry form on this page, or call Rob on 07845 813560

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